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6. Soen - Cognitive

Martin Lopez of Opeth decided to start Tool 2.0. That's the best summary I can give. While they have been getting tons of flack for that fact, I flip that on its head and say I could not be more impressed. Tool is already a band I love and respect, and emulating Tool to the level that Soen do is beyond inspiring. The level of dissonance and ambience that this album achieves without becoming spacey and boring is mind blowing to me. I was fully expecting a decent album, but nothing amazing. I was proven oh so wrong. From start to finish, this record is a trip. The heavy moments really eat at you, and the softer beautiful moments are abundant and captivating. The vocalist sounds like a more straight forward Keenan, and the fact that Steve DiGiorgio plays bass automatically makes the tone and foundation of each song that much better. This is a supergroup done near-perfect. There are always flaws in an album, so I don't believe in there being a perfect album, but this one comes so damned close. And I forgot to mention that it's a debut as well. I'm not sure if these guys are interested in touring, and as much as I hope they do, I would honestly prefer more studio music. All in all, progressive Tool-heads, get your fix here.


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