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7. Wintersun - Time I

Having grown out of a lot of melodic death metal and associated acts, I didn't listen to this until recently. I only did so due to the fact that some friends were going to the Eluvietie/Wintersun show, so I figured I'd try them both out. While the new Eluveitie was good, I was floored by Time I. Given Wintersun's debut, it's more or less a Chlidren of Bodom/Ensiferum clone. I wasn't expecting much difference this time around, even with the whole time lapse in between. I could not have been more wrong. This album is so much more mature than its predecessor. Those who criticize simply do not have a taste for the grandiose nature of the orchestral arrangements, and want aggression non-stop. The symphonic movements are beautiful, and the aggressive movements the same. Another great surprise was the presence of clean vocals, which outweigh the growls. I would never have thought Jari could sing so eloquently. This final touch sealed the deal for me. All in all, listen to this. This is an incredible piece of art and I look forward to Time II.


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