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Album #17: The Rolling Stones Ė GRRR!
November 12, 2012

There are only two new songs on this best-of collection, Doom and Gloom and One More Shot. However, this is the first Stones album Iíve ever bought as Iím interested in them but not enough to want to own a bunch of different albums. So a 50-track greatest hits is enough to satisfy me. Iím not a huge fan of the really early stuff on the first disc; itís a little boring and a little samey. I Canít Get No Satisfaction is pretty overrated while Little Red Rooster and Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby,Ö fucking suck. My favorite tracks on this disc are Get Off Of My Cloud, Under My Thumb and Ruby Tuesday. Paint It Black is good but itís kinda overrated too.

The next disc is a lot more consistent. Almost all these songs range from very good to awesome but my favorites include: Jumpin Jack Flash, Brown Sugar, Sympathy For The Devil, Fool To Cry, and You Cantís Always Get What You Want.

I didnít know what Iíd be getting into on the third disc with the latter material; however I enjoy most of it a lot. I listen to disc 2 and 3 a lot more frequently than I listen to the first disc. My two favorites here are Start Me Up and Highwire.

On to the two new songs, Doom and Gloom is the better of the two with a nice, up-tempo groove and cool lyrics. One More Shot is good but not quite as good. Jagger sounds better than I would expect him to at his age.

Iíve never listened to much Stones before this but I enjoy this record when the mood strikes me. The cover kicks ass as well (thatís actually what made me wanna check it out). Iíd give the collection an 8.9 and the two 2012 songs a 7.6.

Besides Led Zeppelinís Celebration Day (which I hope I get for Christmas) thatís all the releases from 2012 that Iíve heard enough of to review.
6/17 - Meshuggah
6/28 - Iron Maiden - Bergen, Norway
6/29 - Blaze Bayley - Bergen, Norway
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