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I'm not a huge Tolkin fanboy but I thought it was fantastic. I can remember reading the Hobbit and thinking it would make a better movie than the LotR's. I was skeptical about stretching it out over three movies but what they added was fine by me. I don't remember the Stone Giants or the Brown wizard being in the book. The only part I didn't really like was the cheap CGI of Smaug at the end. And the battles didn't have that overwhelming build that the ones in any of the LotR trilogy did.

I'm interested if they incorperate Gollum into the next two movies in anyway. A lot of casual viewers will want to see him.

Laugh all you want, but during Frodo and Bilbo's scene at the beginning I welled up a little. I don't fucking care; he's Frodo and he fucking rules.
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