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#25 té - ゆえに、密度の幻想は綻び、蹌踉めく世界は明日を『忘却』す。(Thus, the Illusion of Density Comes Apart at the Seems)

The title is a stab in the dark. I threw it in Google Translate and got this, but I've also seen "The Convulsive Beauty Within Sound is the Feral Tremble of an Idea Realized" and "The Convulsive Beauty Within Sound is a Savage Shiver That Overtakes the Flesh Transcending any Conception." té is a Japanese instrumental quartet that plays aggressive, energetic "math rock," somewhat in vein of 65daysofstatic, though less electronicy. It's infused with hardcore punk and progressive rock. Guitars and bass are right in your face. They use obscure time signatures and rapidly shift dynamics. This makes a lot of technical death metal sound amateurish, it's pretty damn impressive. It's pretty metalish for you metal lovers, too. Post-rock embodies such a wide scope of sound.
HIGHLIGHT: "音の中の『痙攣的』な美は、観念を超え肉体に訪れる野生の戦慄。(The seeker, the inhabitant of the chromatic scale world, wandering in the relative events of the "middle tier")"
Also, "té" means "tea" in several romance languages. In Japanese though it means "hand."

#24 Sektarism - Le Son des Stigmates

The first song, "Prelude," is exactly that - a prelude for the rest of the album, which sets us up for the very distasteful, uncomfortable, disturbing, perverted two twenty-minute tracks that follow. We hear some lazy drumming, some vocals that start off as murmurs/chants/groans that evolve into screaming, and some very ugly primitive sounding guitars, all of which create an atmosphere early on that's just... unsettling. It's not funeral doom, but I guess it would be classified as some type of doom/drone. When I listen to this music I envision rituals, so maybe ritualistic doom. It sounds much more ritualistic than a lot of occultist albums. It also sounds very improvisational. At times it actually appears that the musicians aren't really playing together at all. There's nothing technical or accomplished about this album, it's very grisly sounding, there aren't any riffs or harmonies to fasten onto, and in fact it lacks all qualities that make music "good." But damn I like it. "Le Testament" is a little more structured than "Hosanna Sathana," bot both tracks are pretty wicked and sick sounding.
The bassist, Crüxvheryn, played in French black metal band, Fornication.

#23 Dødsengel - Imperator

At two and a half hours in length, this black metal odyssey is pretty intimidating, and I probably devoted more time to it than I should have. It walks the fine line between being interesting, contemplative, diabolical and maybe even genius, and being too drawn-out and monotonous. Even though the songs themselves aren't monotonous, they're very interesting, it's the length that makes it that way. Very rarely does an album this long need to be this long; there comes a point where the material becomes circular. There's really a lot to say about this album... it features a lot of different vocal styles (female included), it encompasses a lot of different ideas but not necessarily different genres, it's hardly uniform and it transcends beyond stereotypical black metal, it's easy to assume this band genuinely believes in preaching the word of Satan and tearing down anything holy, it's very authentic and "real" feeling, and it would definitely appeal to someone looking for a very progressive, creative or experimental edge to black metal. Regardless, it's ridiculously hard to digest and it packs a wallop.
HIGHLIGHTS: "Asphyxia," "The Serpent's Head," "Momentum: On The Devil & Death," "Upon THE BEAST She Rideth"

#22 Witchrist - The Grand Tormentor

The slow, chugging opening riff of "Into the Arms of Yama" lead me to believe this was death/doom, not blackened death. The first five minutes of that song are some of my favorites on the album, and it's not until the midway point that the pace picks up and resembles blackened death a little more, and vocals appear. That slow riffing comes back after the 7:00 mark. A lot of these tracks are definitely more up-tempo ("The Grand Tormentor," "Exile," "Beyond Darkness and Death," "Tandava," "Wasteland of Thataka"), but my initial belief that the album might be death/doom didn't entirely vanish. It wasn't really until "The Tomb" that the slow, monstrous pace from "Into the Arms of Yama" made a reappearance. The vocals on this album are pretty mediocre. The production is very nice. Check it out if you're a fan of the mucky sludgy death metal, or of bands like Asphyx.
HIGHLIGHTS: "Into the Arms of Yama," "Funeral Lotus"

#21 Ides of Gemini - Constantinople

It's nice to hear Sera Timms again - the brilliant vocalist from Black Math Horsemen. Admittedly, I don't like this album as much as Wyllt. It's less trance-inducing and psychedelic, and more rock-y, but still "doomgaze" perhaps. There are some awesome riffs, like in "Resurrectionists" and "Reaping Golden," that are slightly funereal but not necessarily completely joyless. There's a certain weight to this album though that's very, very heavy. If cast into the ocean this music would, as Jack Dawson said in Titanic about the Le Coeur de la Mer, "sink straight to the bottom." The songs have a thick, melodic feel with a dark, murky beauty that hints of occultist themes. I read over on Doommantia that Timms said in an interview, "I believe that all humans are connected to vast inner territories of darkness and light, and the dark unchartered spaces within that subconscious field are usually the ones that I am drawn to." I don't think it's possible for music to better represent that feeling than the music of Black Math Horseman and Ides of Gemini. Every song in this album's deep, dark black hat seems to conjure some type of dark energy.
HIGHLIGHTS: "The Vessel & the Stake," "Resurrectionists" "Reaping Golden"
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