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Originally Posted by Natrlhi View Post
^ That's a pretty cool story, bro (not being sarcastic). I hope my son ends up writing a ton of stories like that some day.

Also, I agree with your assessment of BT live. They are legends, and on album (at least some of them, such as "Need to Control"), they are are excellent, but in a live setting they just sound like a bunch of static. I can never tell one song from much as I really do like them as a band.
Thanks man!

I only have 3 left on this list!! I'm gonna go cause some mayhem in the snow , then hopefully bang out a couple more later tonight. Plus I have about half of my top 20 albums done, so I hope to start that not long after I finish this.
8/23 Tercer Mundo/Muerte
8/24 Vile Intent
9/18 Windhand
9/20 Doom
9/27 GBH
10/21 Dead Congregation
10/26 Pallbearer
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