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11. Aeon Zen - Enigma

Progressive metal in the vein of Dream Theater and Eumeria. Extremely talented, and extremely unknown. I would have never heard of this album had I not already been familiar with the band. Damned shame too. There are some beautiful songs on this album, as well as some very unexpected tracks. They even took some Djent influence and have some chugging riffs here and there, most noticeably in the very beginning of "Downfall". Upon further listening, I realized that this album sounds a fair amount like Devin Townsend material, obviously without his voice and over-the-top mannerisms. This is a very tight release that nearly made it to my Top 10, but a late contender made its way in instead. Give it a listen if you wish.

P.S. - I didn't realize my above comment would stand so strong. They don't even have any of the new stuff on YouTube. The best they have is the guitarist playing "Divinity", without the vocals. What a shame. I have a song from the past album, and it should still give a semi-similar vibe. Just get the actual album if you like what you hear. I decided to post the guitar playthrough version as well.


"Redemption's Shadow" -

"Divinity" (without vocals, it's so much better with vocals so don't judge too much) -
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