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Originally Posted by MPF View Post
I should say I'm not offended by the outfits at all and I get whats going on. I am a huge Ghost supporter and bands like it such as Blood Ceremony, The Devil's Blood and Ancient VVisdom (among the many other bands in this style). I just have a gut feeling that if they make mainstream success (which I do hope for honestly, maybe Rock music will make a comeback like the 50s- the mid 90s, yeah that's a pipe dream) that people will find a huge problem with what theya re wearing and it will become a racial issue (which is so very damn ironic when you find out one of the ghouls is actually black). I don't wanna see them promoted like that. I love the evil essence and the great music behind it. Fuck yeah its a gimmick, but sometimes gimmicks actually work, in this case the music backs it up.
You do realize Satanic imagery will never land them mainstream success, right?
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