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Originally Posted by Northern_Shaman View Post
Although I see the point you're making (American culture is hilariously crippled by notions of political correctness afterall), I really don't see this being a problem.

I really hope they don't succumb to such pressure either because those costumes are cool as fuck. Ghostly indeed.

Originally Posted by Northern_Shaman View Post
If those Black Panthers you mentioned are all black-skinned then perhaps they could avoid any racial trouble in the USA by simply not allowing black individuals into the venues they perform at? Surely this would solve any potential-issues.

Aren't those just the summer costumes and not new costumes? Like the rest of you I have no idea what is going on with Papa, but it's interesting.

Oh, and as someone mentioned before, I'm so glad they have (in my opinion) cool clean vocals that fit the music instead of resorting to dime-a-dozen growling. That would ruin the band.
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