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Originally Posted by WOLVERINEKILLS View Post
Tobias is the new Papa. I am confident the first Papa on stage tonight was lip syncing to Papa 2 (Tobias) singing behind the curtain.

Its odd but adds some more mystery to the band... as if they needed any.
I'd be kind of pissed if I witnessed that - would feel deceived in a bad way rather than an alluring mysterious way.

Weird as fuck. Perhaps they have finally perfected human cloning and somehow came to the conclusion that Ghost's singer should be one of the first people duplicated.

EDIT: Watched the video again. There's NO way they'd have some tool lip sync the entire show.

Much more likely IMO was that the regular guy did the main set as usual, they exited, and then a 'fake' Papa came out and stood around for the beginning of the encore (their instrumental track 'Genesis'). Real Papa emerged (again) in new garments to perform Secular Haze.

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