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Thanks guys for the comments. The fact that the last few albums I hadn't gotten around to posting about were so awesome is the exact reason I decided to finish this list. It's embarrassing as all fuck to me to be finishing this up a few weeks before the end of 2012 (but also a little funny, I guess ), but I can deal with the fact of how silly it may seem if it means mentioning these great albums once more on the interwebs. I still listen to several of these albums to this day - especially SubRosa and Bloodiest (you need to get on that shit, kalf - f'sho!). I also still spin the Origin and Red Fang discs from time to time as well.

Also, I agree that the previous RC album was better than Empros, but like I said, they have never made a bad record in my opinion. If you liked Geneva, you should check out their first two (if you haven't done so already) - they're even better yet.
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