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I should have known better than to post this tour on a board that is comprised of a lot of "stereotypical" metalheads (although not everybody). I guess I just have a different perspective on music in general, that some people just don't have.

Like I abhor Limp Bizkit and listening to any of their songs that I know makes me cringe. I also find it very sad that they covered the classic song by The Who, Behind Blue Eyes. But, I digress...

Despite of all that, I'm not going to go around saying they're not or weren't ever relevant, as it's just my opinion and I wouldn't want to intentionally hurt the feelings of one of their fans, or anybody's fanbase for that matter. Bands are like people, they're relevant somewhere or to someone, and intensity of relevancy varies by what year or (for more long lasting bands) by what decade it happens to be.
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