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A Very Slapguitarer 2012!

Howdy ho, fellas. It's that time of the year where everybody shares their favorite musical moments of the past year. This year was a little different for me. Due to having a busier/more mature schedule (last semester of high school, job over the summer, first semester of college), I didn't take in as much music from 2012 as I did in 2011. I also didn't go to as many shows. But that aside, it was still a good year for both albums and shows. This year I expanded even more musically, as you'll see in my list. So, what should expect to come from this thread? Here's the plan:

My Top 25 albums of 2012
My Top 5 EPs/singles
Top 10 live performances
Most disappointing album over year (gotta stir up some shit some how )

I'll be doing albums in increments of 5, like last year.

And like I said, I was busier than ever before this year, so there may be some albums that could of been shoe-ins for this list that I may have not gotten around to. There are also a lot of albums that I thought would be making the top cut, but didn't due to it disappointing me. So if you're expecting to see some albums here and don't find 'em, you know why. Also, to the disappointment/disapproval of many, I didn't listen to like, any post-rock from this year (with the exception of one record). You're welcome to throw some at me, but it's too late for it to appear on this list. I dun goofed there.

First set of 5 to come some time today!
8/29 LSD and the Search for God
9/8 Minsk/SUBROSA
9/9 Creepers/Tony Molina/Drag Majesty
10/10-11 CDF
10/25-26 Thou & The Body

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