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...and here it is, ladies and germs - the moment you all thought would never come - The Mighty Nat's Favorite Album of...the year before last.

Oh least I finished this beast. Now at least I can cross this item off my "To Do" list before the world ends next week. Speaking of forces which could cause the apocalypse...

1. SubRosa - No Help for the Mighty Ones

Originally Posted by Some idiot named Chris Poling
Earlier this year, not long after this album was released, one of my metal colleagues made a remark about it, saying that if a better doom album was released this year, he would eat his hat. Indeed. Not only did this early prediction of "best doom album of 2011" prove to be true, but as it turns out, no other band released a better metal album this year, period. As in previous years for this reviewer, the primary quality for ranking albums on a list like this is overall appeal, as measured by the relative amount of time an album spends in my listening queue. Since its release, this album has never left that queue. It continues to amaze and mesmerize me every time I listen to it. Perhaps it's the way the strings mix so seamlessly with the heavy guitar work. Perhaps it's the creepy yet beautiful vocals, which range from a mere whisper to a foreboding death growl. Perhaps it's the overall atmosphere of the stories which are told. At the end of the day, putting one's finger on the exact reason "why" is much less meaningful than the mere fact that an album such as this can continue to truly captivate and enrapture the listener time after time after time. This album does that for me in a way that no other album did this year - hence, the mighty SubRosa have conquered all challengers with this beautiful, bludgeoning masterpiece.
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