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4. Nasum

Bill: Nasum, Brutal Truth, Dropdead, Magrudergrind, Grudges
Venue: Europa
City: Brooklyn, New York, NY
Date: Thursday, May 24, 2012

Okay, so I'll be honest here. When Nasum first announced they were doing this final tour, I didn't really know who they were. I was just starting to get into grind, and really was not too familiiar with many bands, even a legendary band like Nasum. But, I checked them out, and I was blown away . i knew I HAD to make it to one of these shows. When they announced all US dates, the closest one was in Providence, which is less than an hour and a half away from me and seemed like the most ligical option. But, it was the same night as Ghoul in Boston, which I already had plans to go to (that was a great show too, it could have been in my top shows but some others just beat it out). This is where things get interesting.

My dad coaches baseball, and his team had a tournament in southern CT the weekend of the show, so he was going down that way Friday either way. So, we realized New York was only about an hour and a half away, so he told me he would go down with me the night of the show. Seriously, my DAD was saying he would go to a grind show with me . That was super cool of him, and we bought 2 tickets and made reservations at a hotel in Brooklyn close to the club. I knew this would be amazing.

I did a few month crash course on the bands playing (and grind in general, and now I fucking love it and listen to it as much as anything else). The day of the show, wh packed the car with my dad's baseball stuff and a few things we would need, and made our way down to New York. This was my first time actually going to the city in over 10 years (I had driven through a few times, but my last time staying there was 2 weeks before 9/11, which is scary). We got into Brooklyn and found the hotel, and got food at a nearby diner before going to the show. I can say that Williamsburg really is the center of hipsters, they were fucking everywhere, I couldn't believe it.

We got to the venue a little after the doors opened, and Grudges was just finishing up their set. I didn't listen to them much before the show, and I couldn't really get a sense of how they were from the couple minutes I was in there. My dad stood near the back and I headed closer to the front, but not right up front. Magrudergrind came on next, and they were fucking awesome. They sounded intense live, just as they do on record. The crowd wasn't too crazy for them, but people seemed into them. I have definitely gotten more into them since the show, and would love to see them again.

Dropdead was up next, and they were the band I was second most excited to see. I just love their hardcore punk/powerviolence sound, it's so intense and just fucking cool. The singer did lots of rants about how the world is fucked, how animal cruelty is bad, and how the message was just important as the music. Since I'm a vegetarian who thinks there is a lot of fucked up shit in the world and has views in line with this band and other punk bands, I loved it . They are another band I have to see again.

Brutal Truth played after Dropdead, and I kinda wish I liked them more than I did. Their songs on record aren't bad, but I just wasn't THAT into the performance. They were good, but didn't blow me away. I'm not sure why though, cause I really did want to like them and think they are a pretty good band. Plus they are grind legends, so I definitely have tons of respect for them.

Nasum headlined, and I couldn't have been more pumped. They were the only band i really got into the pit for. I took a spot about 2 or 3 rows back from the stage and spent the whole set headbanging, moshing, and just having a great fucking time. The played just shy of an hour, but that is perfect for such an intense grind assault as Nasum . I am a big fan of Keijo and Rotten Sound, so I think he was the perfect choice for a vocalist on this tour, even if he can't replace Meiszko (R.I.P.). The crowd was definitely there for them, as the place erupted as soon as they started. They played plenty of songs I wanted to hear, and I have no complaints about the setlist. So much fun, I was smiling the whole time. I bought a Nasum shirt to remember the show. We headed back to the hotel after the show, and called it a night. It seriously was such an amazing show, and I am so glad I made it down there to catch one of these final Nasum shows.

The next day, me and my dad did some sightseeing around New York, hitting some of the main spots and some areas i didn't get to see last time I was there. We went to Tom's Restaurant for lunch which is the diner from Seinfeld. My dad wanted to go, but it was actually not really that great We didn't mind though. At this point, we headed out of the city, and I had dinner with my Dad before dripping him off at his hotel in CT and making the 3 hour drive back home. This was an amazing couple of days withj my Dad, and I am so glad we decided to make this trip.
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