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2. Bloodiest - Descent

Originally Posted by Some idiot named Chris Poling

Few would argue that the debut album from the seven-piece Illinois-based all-star ensemble Bloodiest is truly a unique piece of work. For starters, this band can bend and twist genres as easily as most folks can walk and talk. Various styles such as doom, sludge and even a dash of post-metal are dissolved in a thick broth of psychedelia, and the end result is, of course (you knew I was going to say it) - delicious. Add to this already rich mixture the fact that these extremely talented musicians have known each other for over a decade - although they do come from various different bands - and the end result is a unique but undeniable chemistry that melds together a myriad of different musical styles and influences in a way that feels perfectly organic and seemless. From the the doomy death-march opening track Fallen to the aptly-named closing track Obituary - which literally slows to a snail's pace and "dies" at its very end - each track is expertly and thoughtfully crafted into a beautiful nugget of raw emotion which, when added together as a whole, seem to be slightly unsatisfying if only for the fact that there aren't twice or three times as many of these little gems to enjoy. In other words, the album's one possible fault is that it may be a bit short compared to some listeners' expectations or desires (about thirty-eight minutes in total), but yet another way to say this is to state that the one thing a listener may be left wanting for at the end of Descent is...more - which is arguably one of the best "problems" an album can have.
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