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Album #16: Soundgarden Ė King Animal
November 12, 2012

One of my favorite albums from this year, Iím having trouble deciding whether it will get the 3rd or 4th spot on my final top 10. I donít need to go through all the circumstances surrounding this album because youíve heard them all. I know that a lot of folks were disappointed in this release but I found it to be a strong release, albeit somewhat different to what I was expecting. I figured that more of the songs would be in the somewhat metallic vein of the single they released earlier in the year for the Avengers movie. I love that song so I was a little disappointed on first listen when I didnít hear much of anything that was similar to that on this album. However, the more I listened the more I began to enjoy this record for its own merits.

The first three songs are really solid hard rock songs that are pretty simple but really enjoyable. Blood on the Valley Floor, Eyelidís Mouth, and Bones of Birds feel a little more experimental and are pretty cool. Taree is one of the best tracks on the album along with the weird, almost industrial, sounding Rowing. Worse Dreams is another cool rocker that sounds the most similar to Live To Rise. Halfway There is pretty mellow for Soundgarden but I love it, especially the lyrics. The only songs Iím not crazy about are Black Saturday and A Thousand Days Before.

Itís not quite what I was expecting but this has become one of my favorite albums of the year and Iím really looking forward to seeing Soundgarden live for the first time and hearing some of these tracks this January.


Only one more album to review and it's just a best-of with two new songs on it but I'll do it anyways.
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