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Album #15: Black Country Communion – Afterglow
October 29, 2012

It’s starting to look like this could be the last album from this classic rock super group. That would be a shame but at least they’ve given us 3 albums worth of great material within a very short span of time. The new one, Afterglow, may not be as good as its predecessor, 2, but it’s a very strong release. It feels less intense than the previous album with more of the songs being mid-tempo and bluesy. Opener Big Train may be the heaviest track on the album and the best overall in my opinion. The tracks that follow are noticeably Hughes-heavy.

Bonamassa doesn’t share vocals duties nearly as much on this album as on others. In fact, if I don’t pay too much attention I can get through the whole album and almost not notice Joe’s presence at all. I think this speaks towards the tensions in the band between him and the rest of the guys. The final track, Crawl, is a bit heavier and a strong ender.

One of the better albums of the year and a record that proves that this group could carry on if Joe decided to leave, something that wouldn’t surprise me much at this point. It gets an 8.3.
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