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4. The Seven Mile Journey - Notes for the Synthesis

As if the opening notes of the album's first song weren't mournful enough - a few minutes into the track, the deep string timbre of what I can only assume is a bowed guitar kicks in, and then things get truly morose. So it goes with this incredibe album. Early song layers evoke huge emotions from the listener, only to be lapped over and swallowed up by even thicker subsequent layers, creating an ever-growing, swirling mass of beautiful chaos that threatens to completely overcome anyone within earshot. In short, these four Danes are masters of the classic post-rock buildup and crescendo, to the point that they truly give legendary peers such as Mono and GY!BE a serious run for their money. In fact, since I have the unfair advantage of hindsight because I'm writing this review on the heels of both of those bands' latest releases, I can honestly say that this album is even better than either one of those - and no, I'm not kidding. They are both excellent, but this one is phenomenal. The keyboards alone are enough to make me a slave to this album, but the guitar parts and the expert use of percussion just completely seal the deal. Not to leave a spoiler in my own thread, but this album is the second-best post-rock album in a year which was absolutely ruled by excellent post-rock releases, in my opinion - and that's saying quite a bit. As it turns out, this was my first experience with this excellent band, but thanks to this album, I'll be checking out the rest of their catalog (two other full-lengths and a demo) very soon.
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