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5. Origin

Bill: Origin, Cattle Decapitation, Decrepit Birth, Aborted, Rings of Saturn, Battlecross, Face of Ruin, and a couple local openers I missed
Venue: The Railroad Tavern
City: Keene, NH
Date: Monday, April 23, 2012

This "Occupation Domination 2012" tour was one of the most brutal tour packages I have seen in awhile, and I loved it. The closest date for me was Keene, NH, which is two hours from me. Only a few tour lineups could make me drive that on a night where I have class at 9 AM the next day, and this was definitely one of them. It worked out, cause the venue was a tiny bar with a small room off to the side where the show was. There wasn't a huge crowd, but there was no real stage so I was able to get super close, which made it a really intimate show!

The show started super early, like 5 in the afternoon or something. I had to drive 2 hrs, so I missed a couple local openers that played. I walked in during one, and it was just shitty deathcore, so I didn't miss much. The first band I saw was Face of Ruin, and they were a tech-death band that was opening some of the dates on this tour. They were pretty decent, a good way to start the show for me.

Up next was Battlecross, who are not the best or most original band, but they play decent thrash that was pretty fun live. Less heavy than the other bands on this tour, but i enjoyed them.

Rings of Saturn came on next, and they were the only band on the lineup I really didn't like. They play overly technical deathcore, and to me it just sounds ridiculous. They had a few hardcore dancers during their set, but otherwise people seemed somewhat uninterested. One band out of 7 that I'm not into is pretty damn great though, and I was able to ride out their set.

Aborted played after Rings of Saturn, and they were awesome. They play great death/grind that sounded awesome live. They got a pretty good reception from the crowd, and I was headbanging along the whole time. I felt like I was getting hit over the head repeatedly listeniong to them , and that's exactly what I want with this kind of mkusic. Great stuff, super heavy, glad I finally got to see them.

Up next was Decrepit Birth. All I can say is . I love this band, they seriously are one of my favorite death metal bands going right now. The guitar work is incredible, and the music is just always amazing. This was my first time seeing them somehow, and it was as great as I could have imagined. Bill did his rantings about hallucinogenic drugs, and the band just sounded so great. They only played for about a half hour, but it was still enough to impress me. I really want to see them again playing a longer set! Bought a shirt from Bill after the set and talked to him for a minute about how awesome the set was.

Cattle Decapitation was next, and they were great. I was just starting to get intom them when I saw this show, so I wasn't too familiar with their material. But they made me want to listen more with this performance. Travis Ryan is such a great frontman, and he sounded great and really seemed happy to be there. Some redneck guy was getting pissed throughout their set since nobody was really moshing, but the crowd was so small that there just wasn't gonna be constant pit action. Plus, no stage meant everyone wanted to get super close. Great set from Cattle Decap, I know a lot of people on this site love them even more than me so I don't have to prove how awesome they are . Glad I got into them after this show, since not only are they sick, I saw them in a tiny room in Lowell, MA recently and it was fucking amazing.

Origin headlined, and they were the perfect headliner for this tour, at least in my opinion. They play incredible tech-death that is just so super fast and heavy. They really blow me away with the amount of talent in this band . Anyway, their performance was sick, probably better than when i saw them with Hate Eternal in 2011, since I was more familiar with their stuff. Jason is an awesome frontman, he just puts a ton of energy into his performances. Really the whole band puts on a great show. They had a pretty cool, "wheel of Fortune" style setlist, where they had audience members spin to pick each song. There were also a few funny things like "buy a Battlecross CD" or "start a mosh pit," so it made for an entertaining set. They played for about an hour, and it was just a fun fucking set. I bought a tour shirt after the set, probably the only time I've bought 2 shirts at a show. The show ended pretty late, and I had to drive 2 hrs back to school, but it was totally worth it.
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