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Top five time, bitches. Everybody try and act surprised by this next one...

5. Russian Circles - Empros

Everybody who knows me, knows that I am a huge fan of this amazing post-metal band. Having said that, it might surprise some folks to learn that I more or less tend to agree with those who say that they generally prefer the bandís work in reverse chronological order. However, it must also be clearly understood that, in my opinion, this band has never released an album which is anything less than stellar. To me, everything this band does is pure gold (at least so far). On this, their fourth full-length, the band eschews the experimentation that led them to include a few guest musicians on strings on their previous album, and they return to their signature minimalistic form. After being a die-hard fan since their first album, it still amazes me to this day how an instrumental power trio can make so much beautiful noise with essentially zero vocals and minimal use of technology. They use looping pedals from time to time, andÖthatís about it. The rest of their sound is purely organic, and the proof of this is exemplified in their live show. They pride themselves on sounding exactly the same on stage as they do on record (the only exception to this being on their third album, as noted above). Also, the melodies and riffs these guys continue to come up with are sometimes achingly beautiful and other times crushingly powerful Ė and they move between these two extremes with such ease and grace, it just continues to blow me away. If youíve never listened to this band, you are really missing out. Iíve never met someone yet who turned his or her nose up at them. Ever. If you have heard them but havenít seen them play live, you need to get your ass to one of their shows. Trust me Ė you wonít be sorry.
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