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The Official 'Pantera Game' Thread ^_^

After this week, it needs its own thread.
Now you may ask yourself... what is the Pantera game? Well... the Pantera game is the fastest growing concert based game in the United States of America (). It's simple, just follow the score card below from what you see at a show and there you go! (Dr. Seuss mutha fugga). For the best chance at winning I highly recommend going to Thrash metal shows.

Pantera: 5pts
Damageplan: 10pts
Hellyeah: -5pts

Patches (preferably backpatch)
Pantera: 5pts
Damageplan or Hellyeah: 10pts

Red dyed beard: 20pts
Drunk asshole yelling Pantera: 15pts
Band dedicating a song to Dime: 20pts
Band randomly playing "Walk" in between songs: 25pts
Crowd singing along to Pantera song over the PA: 30pts
Crowd bursting into a "DIMEBAG!" chant: 50pts
Dalla Nebbia

Funeral Age

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