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7. Origin - Entity

Every year, there are usually at least one or two albums that I hate to listen to because, try as I might, I can’t help but have high expectations for them going in, which is something I try not to do because, like anyone, I hate to be disappointed by a band that I really love. However, when I do listen to them, not only are my expectations met, but in fact they are blown away. Entity is that type of album, and from first listen, I was blessed by that wonderful feeling that happens fairly rarely where an album that’s already expected to be very good turns out to be utterly outstanding. On this, their fifth full-length, KC area tech death masters Origin return with not only a new lead vocalist, but also what may prove to be their best album to date. Screamer Jason Keyser had some big shoes to fill (both literally as well as figuratively) with the departure of James Lee, but in spite of the immense challenge he basically shows up and knocks the ball out of the fucking park. Not only that, but the rest of the band members are in top form on this album as well. The musicianship is tight, the blast beats are furious, the vocals border on insanity, and perhaps best of all, the riffs are catchy and memorable. Origin’s basic formula is really pretty simple – melt the listener’s face with pure sonic aggression – and yet no one else seems to pull it off as well or make it look as easy as Origin does…and this album is a perfect example of that.
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