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Originally Posted by mastodon421 View Post
No I can completely see why it's at number 10. There was a pretty decent amount of core stuff that you're not into on the lineup and I know you're a huge death/black/grind fan and there clearly wasn't too much of that on the lineup. Metal Fest was my favorite show of the year because it mixes so many different subgenres (I mean where else are you going to see Bane, Protest the Hero, and Nile on the same bill?) and a good number of my favorite bands were on the bill.
Yeah I guess that's true. And I can agree with you that the diversity of the lineup is great. I may not love all the bands, but there really is something for everyone there!
2/17 Poison Idea
2/18 Obituary
3/26 Framtid
4/2 Bongzilla
4/16 Napalm Death
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