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Week 28: Winter Is Coming

Stratovarius- Before the Winter
Woods Of Ypres- Lightning & Snow
God Is An Astronaut- Snowfall
Eternal Helcaraxe- As the Snow Gathers
Oak Pantheon- Descend into Winter
Amorphis- Black Winter Day
Immortal- Cursed Realms of The Winterdemons
Wintersun- Winter Madness
Demons & Wizards- Winter Of Souls
Into Eternity- Timeless Winter
Devin Townsend- Winter
Agalloch- Ghosts of the Midwinter Fires
My Dying Bride- A Cruel Taste of Winter
Anathema- Emotional Winter
Old Silver Key- Nineteen Winters Far Away From Home
Borknagar- The Winter Eclipse
DragonForce- Black Winter Night
Pelican- Last Day Of Winter
Ne Obliviscaris- As Icicles Fall
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