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Originally Posted by brutal_descent View Post
That doesn't make it underrated. That just means your friends and acquaintances don't like BTBAM. There's a way to defend something without deeming it underrated.

>implying visiting metal websites means you follow trends
It's underrated to me. I may not know what everyone else thinks as I'm going off my own thoughts.

Yeah, I don't know what's in for trends, and I don't care, and Metal sites usually post about what people are interested in in Metal....that's how services work....

And really, what is it with you going out of your way to try to prove me wrong all the time? Seriously! Anytime you potentially see fault in something I say you gotta point it out as if you saying it will make me change my own opinion or something. It annoys more than it should, but I know I'm not the only one you do that to. If you have nothing better to do, I get it, I have no room to talk looking at how many albums I went through in this thread. But I;d think something a bit more productive could be done in your spare time rather then trying to prove people wrong.
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