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You musn't be check many websites. Almost every major metal website praised it to no end, quite a few put in the AOTY lists, many top ten appearances, quite a few #1 spots. I think Blabbermouth gave it a 10/10. Almost every metal forum has tons of rabid BTBAM fans (minus the forums at metal-archives). Hell, they're one of the most embraced modern metal bands on /mu/. Not to mention that Colors is the most celebrated progressive metal album of the new millennium. I think I'm the only dude who loves BTBAM on the site (which is many, many people) who was disappointed by Future Sequence. I'm not trying to be finicky, but to say that BTBAM gets a lot of flack and/or that they don't get the credit they deserve is ludicrous.

In other news, this thread was awesome. I can't say I totally agree with the Top 10, but there are some great albums on it.
3/7 Enslaved/Yob
4/25 Whirr/Wild Moth
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