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Time For 300%_Density To Jump On The 2012 Bandwagon List Too

Well what the hell. I tried to start one of these last year but failed & deleted it. Whole lot has changed for me since last year so I figured I could pull one off this year instead. Been a pretty great year. As of September I am engaged & within a month or so we will be moving into our new house that's being built. Beats the hell out of the nightmare that was 2011.

I'll post some of the albums I loved or was just disappointed in and everything in between. I'll also list my shows from this year as well & offer a little review from them as well. And the new albums Im looking forward to in 2013 as well as the bands I've still yet to see & hope to in 2013.

First off its been another great metal setlist year. I always enjoy my time on here even though I haven't posted a ton for the 4+ years I've been on but I get a great deal of amusement from being on here. I've even had the fortune of meeting a couple of my Missouri/Kansas friends @ shows this year. I saw the myth that is Manky at the Anthrax/Testament/Death Angel in KC & a big thanks to Anonymous for giving me the hookup for the Cannibal Corpse show in Springfield & gettin me in for free.

I'll try to stay up on this best I can. Enjoy & hope everyone has a good 2013 as well.
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