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1.) The Devin Townsend Project- Epicloud

Like you read about Ne Obliviscaris. I had to choose between this and Portal of I as the best album of 2012. I flipped a coin and Epicloud one 2/3 times. Epicloud symbolizes everything I hate about Mainstream FM radio. Every single song on Epicloud is Mainstream Radio friendly whether it be Hard Rock Radio or Top 40. I've heard to main consensuses about Epicloud, either it's an album that you can't skip a song or it's boring. It's the former for me by a mile. Even with the re-working of Kingdom off the album Physicist, all the music feels like it should be played at jam packed stadiums that Metallica plays, and besides lack of airplay (except from my show and select others) that is why it's not. It's poppy, catchy, Heavy, and the most positive album you may ever hear in Metal. Yes I am friends with the DTP (most specifically RVP) but that's not why this is number 1 for me. Part of it is yes, because I am a fanboy. but that's only a small part of it it. Unlike Deconstruction last year which filled the void of the Strapping Young Lad style chaos, Epicloud captures what I loved about Accelerated Evolution and Terria (the two albums I first bought of Devin) and of course without saying this has the Addicted vibe as well. But I actually prefer Epicloud as it is a bit more diverse and int he style of music that grabs me. Not that Addicted doesn't, but I will say there are a couple songs from Addicted I do skip like Resolve. I can't do that with Epicloud. If on the upcoming tour Dev only plays songs from Epicloud, I will be going just as crazy as if he played anything else.

Now as it says in the song Liberation.....IT'S TIME TO FORGET ALL THE BULLSHIT AND ROCK!!!!

Thread retrospective, the tl;dr rating scale and other thoughts will be coming soon
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