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17. Teramaze - Anhedonia

Progressive thrash metal. That's the short version. Long version: I found this band as a random on Blabbermouth, and most of those end up being terrible. These guys sound incredibly tight, very crisp and modern sounding, and interesting, very much not like a typical 'unknown' Blabbermouth band. The vocalist reminds me of mix between Annihilator and Breaking Benjamin. Never thought those two would ever correlate in some way, shape or form. The music is very Annihilator-like, but better. Catchy melodies, heavy riffage, great soloing, and a fresh breath of air for the thrash metal genre (not that this strictly conforms to thrash). I'm thoroughly impressed with this band, and I look forward to hearing the rest of their material in the future. This stuff is pretty great.


"Anhedonia" -
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