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2.) Ne Obliviscaris- Portal Of I

This is the most impressive debut album I have ever heard in my entire life. the short way to describe this band is Opeth with Violin. And even in talks with the band, they have said the same thing to describe their sound. But there is so much more to it than that. This was my first printed album review I ever did, which I think says a lot about how much I love it. As I described in that initial review I hear Opeth, Dream Theater and Alcest in this band in different ways. There is a lot of ethereal moments of dark and despair and the Black Metal elements that you hear in Opeth (early day Opeth anyways had a lot of Black Metal to it), you hear the musical technicality and Prog of Dream Theater, and the atmosphere and emotion you hear in Alcest. Although I could use the entire album as different examples I wanna make out what I feel is the greatest dynamic moment musically of 2012, Tapestry Of The Starless Abstract. The song, and the album starts off with a very badass drum fill I have to play every time I get behind my kit, and then when it kicks in give up about 15 seconds alter realizing I can't play that fast of double bass and blast beats for that long, haha. The song has 3 main sections to me, the first section which is pure progressive Black metal, the middle which is an atmospheric acoustic based passage, it almost turns into an ambient background moment, and then after a cymbal swell it turns into the greatest musical moment of 2012, the rest of the song! There is so much emotion in the ending of the song, the violin causes almost all of it, but it takes the vocals, drums, guitar and bass to also make it as beautiful as it is. and like the lyrics say near the end, "A New Paradise Found" That's how I view Ne Obliviscaris. I could go on to describe the rest of the album with the same detail, but why spoil the album for you? Buy the album and promote these guys as much as possible. There are high hopes for a North American tour in 2013, let's make it happen! Ne Obliviscaris, The Future Of Progressive Metal!
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