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18. Rush - Clockwork Angels

An album and band that no one needs an introduction to. Quite frankly, I only listened to this album this month. I was never too into Rush, although I'd been hearing great things about this album ever since it came out so i figured why not. I do love prog, and I'd always considered it strange that Rush never clicked with me on a high enough level. I can happily say this album has gotten me there. What a fantastic album. That's the best way to put it. Geddy Lee's vocals have somehow become better over time. I am completely indifferent to the criticism of that seemingly bold statement, but he really has developed more finesse to his voice in my opinion. Not that the past material is bad. It's great too. But I digress. This album has high caliber prog with catchy, accesible moments that could easily be on mainstream radio. I find myself humming some tunes more often than not, and that could be that it is very fresh to me but I'll take it. If you haven't heard it already, it's never too late, I can attest to that.


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