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3.) Anathema- Weather Systems

Quite possibly the finest Atmospheric Progressive Rock album ever made. I know there is plenty of people who say We're Here Because We're Here is a better album and I personally don't agree. In fact some of you may remember me reviewing this album and saying I didn't get it. Not because they are no longer a Doom Metal band, but because it just didn't hit me at all. Weather Systems does by doing one thing differently. They added power to this album. it has the dynamics, emotion, beauty and overall musicianship that I want in a non-Metal band. The first song, Untouchable (broken up into 2 parts) is the last song on this list that makes me tear up every single time I hear it. It's like Anathema looked at my relationship life from July-December last year and wrote a song about it. It is about letting the girl who made my life feel complete go because I can't have her. Damn I'm actually starting to choke up a bit writing this up. The rest of the album is just as beautiful all the way through. this is not an album to rock out to, nor is it just background music. This is an album that will evoke emotions that even the most evil Black Metal guy can relate to. Needless to say, if you are looking for REAL music, this is the album to get. Just prepare for one of the most emotional experiences of your life if you really pay attention to it.
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