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4.) Alcest- Les Voyages de l'Âme

Since 2007, these guys have had a huge impact in my life. the most beautiful Post Metal out there. Souvenirs d'un autre monde is Post Rock, shoegaze perfection; Écailles de Lune is Post Black Metal at it's finest, but Les Voyages de l'Âme is the best of both worlds. I've read a lot of reviews saying this album lacked conviction and was boring with no heart..........WHAT ALBUM DID YOU HEAR? This is the best Alcest album to date, this is what I wanted from the band since 2007 when i discovered them, the right amount of Post Rock, Shoegaze, Post Metal and Black Metal all rolled in the most beautiful metal out there this year. Faiseurs de Mondes is most likely my favorite song of the year, or very damn close to it. the end of the song made me burst into tears on the first listen, you will never hear Blastbeats over something so beautiful and have the same impact ever again. this is also the last Alcest album that will contain any screams, it will be clean vocals from here on out. Not nessessarily a bad thing. But sometimes the screams adds so much to the music. But with Neige at the helm, Alcest will continue making the most beautiful Metal the world will know.
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