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5.) Woods Of Ypres- V: Grey Skies and Electric Light

The easiest way to describe this band is the Canadian Type O Negative, but even that feels very wrong. this is the 5th and sadly final album from Woods of Ypres as David Gold was killed December 22nd of 2011 in a car accident. the album feels like it is a pure requiem of Gold's life, before he even died. Songs such as Kiss My Ashes Goodbye brought me to tears (in fact the next few albums have for different reasons). This album recently helped me get though the rough time that was my cousin's death from a drug overdose. Sometimes the most depressing of albums (just listen lyrically) can be the most beautiful and uplifting. Which is why I find pop music to really be the most depressing music there is. But back to it. Woods Of Ypres is one of the best bands that not enough people knew about and now can only check out in retrospect. Give this album a listen and check out the rest of the discography. David Gold was one of the best Songwriters in Metal, R.I.P.
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