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8.) Ihsahn- Eremita

I never would have thought that Ihsahn could top After in 2010. But not only did he top After, he made one of the best albums of his entire career. this is Ihsahn's 4 solo album after the fall of Emperor and every album has gotten progressively better. After was one of my favorite albums of 2010 with all the craziness of the saxophones, and beauty of the other songs. with Eremita, he got it pegged perfectly. If he only remakes this album over and over again, I will continue to buy every future release. It has the right amount of everything. Prog, Black Metal, Chaos, Beauty, saxophone, and guest appearances from the likes of Devin Townsend and Jeff Loomis. This is the kind of album that artists should strive to make. the music you actually want to make without the worry if people will like it or not, the more real an album is, the better it will be. Ihsahn proves that if yous tick to your guns, you will achieve perfection!
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