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9.) Torche- Harmonicraft

Poppy, Punkish, Stoner, Doom, Metal. I still don't feel like I hit every aspect of the band with that. If U2, Motorhead and Electric Wizard made a band, that's almost good enough description. Torche has been one of my favorite bands since 2008 when I saw them open for Dredg (you read that right) and I've been hooked. Every album has been getting progressively less Stoner Doom Metalish and more into....well the Pop world. Harmonicraft has a lot of happy major key moments, but near the end has some of the heaviest moments of Torche's career. It's all over the map, but it all makes since. If you wanna explore new territory all with it being either Heavy as hell, or very very poppy. Get Harmonicraft!
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