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Here we go...

10.) Baroness- Yellow & Green

This is by far the lightest Baroness release so far, but it is also the most diverse. This double EP album (on one disc) is a great showcase of the real talent behind Baroness, Yellow is more along the lines of the Baroness we all know and love, Proggy, Sludge Metal. Green is a lot more laid back and ambient overall. When listened to all at once, it is a moving experience. A lot like Torche in a sense, there is so much going on, all while keeping a simplistic overtone that keeps you interested. It's moving music, and oddly enough after the bus accident they were all involved in just a little bit after the release of this album songs like March To The Sea and Take My Bones Away eerily fit the situation. Overall this is Progressive Ambient Sludge Metal album that should be loved by almost all. Give it a shot if you haven't already!
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