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Alright before I post my top 10. I realized I made a huge mistake. Although fortunately it does not affect the top 20....So it's really 355 albums altogether this year.....

355) Meshuggah- Koloss

Meshuggah has been one of the most influential bands in recent times, although since 2009, have been getting a lot of hate for supposedly being the reason why bands wanna play Chug Chug riffs and created Djent music. That's not fair. That's like Blaming Black Sabbath for Asking Alexandria's success. But I digress. Koloss is one of the most versatile Meshuggah albums probably since Nothing. That was one of the best decisions they ever could have made. that is not to say Meshuggah hasn't been versatile int he past, but Obzen got pretty samey after a while,. Koloss is fresh every single time all while sounding like Meshuggah. It's a great piece of Prog/Math Meta. If you ask the average Djent fan, they will say Meshuggah ripped off Periphery. If you ask Devin the end, we've all ripped off Meshuggah. Get this

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