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Originally Posted by IrritatedTrout View Post
That doesn't make it right. Like I said, I'm almost always the guy to snap up the best tickets without thinking twice about the price but this is fucking ridiculous. $100 to sit in the front row of the nosebleeds? Hell, I almost bought it but then I realized I've been 5 feet away from Iron Maiden, Metallica, and Black Sabbath for less than that so I said fuck it.

I have no problem with them charging 170 bucks for floor seats or even the better 100 level seats but there is no way to justify 200 level seats being $170 and half the nosebleeds being $100. That's just sick greed on the promoters and managers end, especially given the fact that a lot of people still have it rough due to the economic situation.

I hope tickets sell horribly and the end up either dropping the price (which they did for the Hollywood Bowl show, even though close seats are still over $250) or upgrading a shit-ton of people on show day.
Didn't say it was right, just pointed out that they didn't go up after a 4 year break.

Even if it sells well, 99% of the time Ticketmaster releases side-stage seats in the loge during the final few days leading up to a concert. I got 4th row on Alex's side of the stage when I saw Rush this past September for face value on the day of the show, and up until the day of the show, you couldn't get any tickets on Ticketmaster.
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