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22. Christian Älvestam - Self 2.0

The voice and soul behind Scar Symmetry and Solution .45. An incredibly talented vocalist, he has clearly shown his dominance in both clean vocals and growls, and he does each better than most. Given my heavy preference towards clean vocals, I was always hoping he would release an album that relaxed on the 'death' side of things. What I got was even more creative. This album isn't metal, or at least not fully. It's more alternative-ish, with some atmospheric moments here and there. It still retains the style Christian Älvestam usually does, but the music is completely different. There's a sax on two songs, if that says anything. It's not what I expected, and I'm glad about that, because it's better than I would have imagined. This just goes to show his talent as a musician. I give him all the respect in the world. I hope he continues making music like this, along with his traditional path.

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