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Originally Posted by MPF View Post
12.) The Faceless- Autotheism

The Faceless has been my favorite Technical Death Metal band since the first album. the first album is still widely regarded as their best, the second sounded too much like Prog and Cynic to some (I for one love every second of it). Autotheism is even more Prog and diverse. Everything from James Hetfield style clean vocals, to Mike Patton style madness all over Prog Metal and of course their brand of Technical Death Metal. Some either hate it and find it boring, or they love it to death. As you may have guessed, I love it to death! They only keep getting bigger and better and now with Wes Hauch now on guitar, the next album will be even more insane, if that was possible. Check out this amazing Progressive Technical Death Metal album, it may get overlooked in the future, but it should be regarded highly!
I am happy to see this in someone else's best of list, album of the year for me.

One thing though I have always thought Planetary Duality was considered their best work and Akeldama is dismissed as being too deathcore influenced.
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