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Last one tonight. Top 10 tomorrow...

11.) Enslaved- RIITIIR

Another split audience reception album. I see a lot of dislike for this album because it is not enough Black Metal and too much Prog. First I laugh at that, and second, this is my favorite Enslaved album! Enslaved since the time of Ruun has been mastering the Progressive Black Metal sound. Since that time have been getting more and more Proggy over the year. I fail to see how that is a bad thing. If you can withstand Black Metal even a tiny bit, you will soon realize that Roots Of The Mountain is possibly the greatest song with Black Metal influence ever. The entire album is the right amount of Progressive Black Metal in my eyes. It's also a perfect starter album for those that want to venture into Black Metal but need an album to ease into the genre. Go for this one and enjoy every second of it, especially Roots Of the Mountain.
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