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15.) Arctic Sleep- Arbors

This....this is one of the bet discoveries of the year for me. Only one other band beats this on the top 20 scale for new discoveries, but not by much (Only one spot actually). This is the band that sounds like a supergroup of the Ocean, Scale the Summit and Alcest. No screams or growls or squeals. All clean vocals. It's an atmospheric, kinda sludgy, Progressive, Instrumental driven (but again all clean vocals on songs that have vocals) Post Rock/Metal. I got this album out of a suggestion for Wisconsin based Metal bands, and within 3 songs I was in total love. And if you like any of the 3 bands I said, you will love this too. It is so brilliantly written, and unfortunately unknown, please check this out on bandcamp. I can't imagine anyone hearing this and hating it. Possibly say it's meh because they aren't into the style, but for those that do, this will shoot to the top of your lists.
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