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16.) The Contortionist- Intrinsic

When I heard The Contortionist's first album, Exoplanet, I was floored. I was hearing Deathcore moments, mixed with Progressive Metal. What the Hell is that? Haha, I wasn't sure what to expect with their new album. Well I was even more pleasently surprised. The Deathcore is well under 10% of the album and the album is very ambient and Cynic sounding. It's a Prog Metal album with a few Deathcore riffs, and very relaxing for a Metal album. This is the kind of music you put on when you want to kick back and relax, while having the option to headbang. Musically, its stellar, vocally it has improved even more, and overall, i hope these guys will be considered this generation's Cynic, because they really, really are. Check them out!
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