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17.) Anaal Nathrakh- Vanitas

Usually nothing ever this extreme makes it to my top 20. I love the extreme Death metal, Black Metal, Grindcore, etc. But it's never usually anything I call top material....until I got into Anaal Nathrakh. I got into them last year with their last album, Passion and it is a killer album that I didn't REALLY appreciate until this year. Upon first listen you think 'WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?" then if you get enough courage you explore more of it, and you realize how brilliant the music is. like I said twice this is an extreme album, but the cleans on this album make it so worth the other vocals. The musicality of this album is also beyond phenomenal and precise. All you need to do is hear the song Forging Towards The Sunset to understand the brilliance, the last 30 seconds is the most insane thing I've heard on record. This is not an album for everyone, but it is for those who can appreciate it.
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