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23. Muse - The 2nd Law

For all the hate new Muse gets, I get confused more and more. They've changed a lot since the first few albums, and if that was the only reason you liked them then alright. But the new music is still quality, just of a different type. I fail to see how half of this album can be deemed as worthless as most people claim it to be. This is a step up from the last album, and some songs on here are some of the best they've done in recent times. "Madness" has that typical alternative, elctro-y Muse sound they've adapted, while tracks like "Supremacy" blatantly worship Zepellin (particularly Kashmir). "Survival", the Olympics song, has one of the heaviest outros I've heard from Muse since "Stockholm Syndrome". The track below has a great groove, and has an insanely catchy chorus too. All I know is new Muse is quite good, although not as good as the Absolution-era. It's worth a listen for somebody wanting solid alternative.


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