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Here we go, folks. THE TOP 20 OF 2012!!!!!!!!!........!

20.) Abigail Williams- Becoming

Abigail Williams is one of those bands that are real unsung heroes of mine. A band I don't talk about much, but have influenced me in more ways than i can imagine. In fact Abigail Williams was my first in person interview, taken place back in February. Becoming is the album I wish Abigail Williams would have made back when they started. it is the right kind of Black Metal in my eyes. Yes it is very much atmospheric Black Metal, but it also contains traditional Black Metal and some real Avant Garde moments. the 17 minute closer, Beyond the Veil is not only their best song, it is one of the best Black Metal songs ever laid on record. Many complain about the band changing their sound on every album. I say they are writing the music they wanna play. When you force an album it will suck, so it is always better to make music you want to make, and that's what Abigail Williams does, and I hope they do actually stick around.
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