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6. Revocation

Bill: Revocation, Cannabis Corpse, Ramming Speed
Venue: Great Scott
City: Allston, MA
Date: Thursday, April 19, 2012

This show was the night before the first day of NEMHF, and kicked off a 5 day metal extravaganza, whit this, 3 days of NEMHF, and number 5 on my list finishing it off . Anyway, this show was tons of fun, featuring 2 local bands and a band I had never seen, so good stuff.

Ramming Speed kicked off the night. These guys are one of my favorite local bands, and they are just so much fun live, tons of energy. Plus, they always have a good, energetic crowd, so I love seeing them live. Picked up one of their shirts at the show, gotta support local bands! Fun as always, perfect way to start the show off .

Cannabis Corpse was next, and holy shit were they more fun than I expected. I like their album stuff, but they are so sick live. They got some great pits going, and they even had a guy come out in a weed coustume and jump into the crowd, which was hilarious . I would definitely see these guys live again!

Revocation were the headliners, and this is my favorite of the 5 times I have seen them. They are a great live band, they have great energy on stage and they always sound great. Dave Davidson is an awesome frontman in terms of getting the crowd going, he always says hilarious shit in between songs. Plus, he is a fucking beast on the guitar . So much talent in this band, and I always like seeing them live. Oh, and i chipped a tooth in the pit, luckily it was just a small chip! I went back in though (, but whatever haha). Another great show at Great Scott.

More to come later, down to the top 5! What shows had the best performances, the best crowds, and just provided the most fun? I will reveal them soon! I know I'm kinda taking a long time on this , but I got a life to live, ya know
11/7 Mortuary Drape/Mgla
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