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Vomitor -- Austin, TX -- December 12th, 2012

I arrived at the Red 7 around 9:00 for Vomitor's first US tour, just ten minutes shy of the doors finally opening. Since nothing really noteworthy happened between bands changing their shit out, I'll report everything in a script format:

Oath of Cruelty: Houston's Oath of Cruelty went on first, delivering metal that was definitely above "opening band" status - or to put it bluntly: Aside from maybe two or three other bands, I've never seen people headbanging and attempting to start pits during the first band onstage. The band had some sound issues going on at the start of their set, which was met with some comments from the audience ("Shut up, princess!"). Toward the end of their set, they performed a couple of Sodom covers, which got the audience going a bit harder. As they left the stage, I decided to pick up their demo cassette (seriously, is it cheaper this way?) to support them.

Hod: San Antonio's Hod went on after them, performing another set worthy of headbanging and drinking to. Trans-Am and their vocalist (whose name escapes me at the current time) both remembered me from the Morbid Angel show in October, which I thought was pretty interesting. They also started talking about releasing a CD to a hundred copies total so it'd be "more kult". An audience member corrected him by shouting "IT'S PRONOUNCED "K-VULT"!", which lead to my favorite quote of the night: "K-vult, kult, whatever, I don't give a shit about that." The band proceeded with the rest of their set before announcing the arrival of Vomitor within the hour.

Vomitor: Vomitor started their set with the ringing of feedback, shriek of guitars, and the echoed vocals from the monitor - none of which stopped until the end of the show - to cheers and horns from the 75 or so people that night. The band actually did something with me that I thought was impossible - invoke a genuine feeling of dread, leading back to the time I first heard Slayer (the opening riff to Mandatory Suicide genuinely scared me - and the song still holds a place in my heart because of that). With the piercing wail of the guitars, the constant feeling of 300+ pounds of man slamming into my ankles, and the shouted vocals roaring and echoing over the PA, it felt as if I was in hell...and I loved every minute of it. Around 1:00, the show ended, and I departed the warmth of the Red 7, blasted immediately by the cold wind and being brought back to reality, realizing that not only had I seen a great example of Australian metal on their first tour of the US, but that I really wanted more from the band - and as a result, I've been spending the entire day playing their songs over and over again. It's that damn good.


Prayer to Hell
Neutron Hammer
Cry From the Underground
Pitch Black
Flesh For Satan
Salem Witches Grave
Devil's Poison
Bleeding the Priest
The Escalation
Midnight Madness
MX Warrior
Metal or Die (wasn't on setlist, played at the last minute)
8/14 - Nine Inch Nails
9/16 - Prong
10/23-26 - HHFF
10/28 - Mike Watt
10/29 - Melvins
11/7 - 7 Seconds

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